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Kobe Travel Diary

Around The Seaside City (Day 1)

I am from India. I have been living in Kobe city, Japan for a short while for my education and have been hearing about the fascinating places in the city from my fellow college friends. Finally, I took some time out from my schedule to visit some places of the Kobe City. Kobe city have many nice places to visit. After through researching about the places on my own, I decided to conduct a 2 day tour of the attractions near to the main center of the city and the west part of the city. My experience has been so nice and pleasant that I decided to write a small travelogue to share few snaps of the places.

I decided to first tour the west of the Kobe city on my Day 1.
Choosing to visit this part of the city is easy because it boasts of nice beaches and other interesting places sharing or overlooking the Osaka Bay.
I started my tour early morning from Sannomiya which is called of the center of the city and one may find communication by bus or train to anywhere in the city).
I took the train (Sanyo Electric Railway) from Sannomiya to Sumaura Koen station to visit Sumadera Amusement Park.
This Amusement Park is sitting on Top of Sumadera Mountain and one may have a clear view of the Osaka Bay, City, Beach Down the mountain the Famous Akashi Kaiyko Bridge. (Just wait I share few pictures in a short while).

From The Sumadera Station itself the tour to the amusement park starts.
Get a ticket of the full amusement park circuit, which cost around 1800 yen (Named Circuit A) to travel through the whole park.

View of the Bay from Sumaura Koen Station

Me at Sumaura Koen Station

View of the Mountain top from Station You can enjoy the ride in Cable car, Carlator and other rides with the full circuit ticket.

View from the Ropeway on the way to mountain top starting from the station

View of the city below from Ropeway

View of the other side from ropeway

View of the seaside from the Middle station of the amusement Park

One more snapshot from same Viewpoint

From the middle station, I took the Carleetor to reach the Mountain Top viewpoint. This is the Carlator

On dropping off from the carlator, I reached the Mountain Rooftop Viewpoint, which is a fascinating place.
One can enjoy a great 360-degree view of the whole city and its surroundings.

View from the observatory

On the west side, one can find the Awaji Island and the famous Akashi Kaiyko Bridge connecting the main land to the island.

View of the mountain Backside from the Observatory

In one floor of the observatory, there is a revolving Café.
One can sit in the revolving café and enjoy a cup of coffee along with the beautiful scenic beauty.
I recommend spending some serene time in that café.

After this, I enjoy the single seating ropeway (open on sides!), which takes one mountain top to other mountaintop crossing a gorge.

View of the gorge from ropeway

When one reach the other mountaintop, one can view the beautiful scenic beauty from there.

In this picture, the fountain land is visible from the top.

Some things to enjoy in the amusement park.

After getting down from the seat ropeway, I travel through the mountain trail to view many things like a Barbeque spot, fountain land. Already trail has been made and one has to simply walk along the trail and enjoy the beauty.
After finishing this trip, I return to the Sumaura Koen Station by the same route. The full circuit ticket contains the return trip also by the same route.
Now it is time for the lunch. I have heard from friends that Akashiyaki is famous delicious food item in the West of Kobe. So I decided to not give it a miss when I visit this part of the city. So from Sumaura station, I walked through the Suma Park to reach Suma station (JR).

Walking through the Suma Park

View of the sea from the park

One More thing that I learnt from colleagues in University is that when you are visiting West Part of Kobe City you should not miss the Takoyaki (Made from Octopus). Therefore, I decided to try it for my Lunch. After walking through the Suma Park, I reached the Suma Beach. On the way (near to JR Suma Station), there are many shops where one can have lunch at a reasonable rate. Therefore, I tried one restaurant (Nanba Ichiban) near to Suma Station, which was serving Hot Takoyaki.

Takoyaki served into plate

Trying Takoyaki and Takopunch at Ichiban Restaurant I tried Takoyaki and Takopunch and both were extremely delicious.

Next, I visited the Suma Beach, which is just beside the JR Suma Station. I liked strolling on the beautiful Beach and spending some serene time.

I provide few more snap taken at the beach.

As I decide to visit the Suma Aqualife Aquarium, which is a walking, distance along the beach.

At Suma Beach

One can also take bus from the Suma Station to visit Suma Aquarium but my suggestion is to walk because one can enjoy the beautiful beach for a long time.

This is Suma Yatch Harbour

View of Suma Yatch Yard which is just on the Side of Suma Beach.

When I visited the aquarium I was lucky to find that some kind of illumination zoo was being conducted at the aquarium and later I learnt that it is annually conducted during winter carnival.

I share some Snaps from Suma Aquarium, because it was a breath taking.

At Suma Aquarium Main Water Tank

One can find many kinds of Marine Animals in the place.

In addition to Normal aquarium, I also found out that the aquarium holds many kinds of live shows.

Live Fish Show being held in one of the Theaters

And the most beautiful and lively among all shows is the Dolphin show.
All the shows have their particular timings and you need to be present at the venue to watch them.

I am lucky to witness the live dolphin show and at night which makes it more lively.

The dolphin show is for around 15 – 20 minutes but it was mesmerizing to watch.
After a long day trip, I decided to stop for the day. From Suma Aquarium one can travel to JR Suma Kaihinkoen Station, Take the train and travel to Sannomiya which is roughly around 15 minutes. One can find many dining restaurant in Sannomiya at various prices.
My suggestion is to try Restaurant Named Tsuruhashi Fugetsu.
They serve Many kinds of Japanese Food absolutely hot and many food made in front of you.
One can try Okonomiyaki and many other items at reasonable rate.
In addition, the environment is very nice and staffs are very friendly.

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