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Kobe Travel Diary

Around The Seaside City (Day 2)

Next Day I Started in the morning to tour the area near to the central Kobe city, Sannomiya.
My first place on the itinerary was Nunobiki Herb Gardens and Nunobiki Waterfall.

The herb Garden and the waterfall both are located on the top of the Mountain north to Sannomiya.
From Sannomiya one can take Bus (No. 2, 18 or Take City Loop Bus) to reach Shin Kobe Station. At Shin Kobe station, from the Crown Plaza, there is the Nunobiki Herb Garden Ropeway.
One can book a round trip in the ropeway but I preferred to take onward trip by ropeway and return trip by walking along the hiking trail, which takes me near to the waterfall.

There is a Souvenir shop at the Ropeway Shita Station, which display and sell many herbal items made from products from herb gardens.

Beautiful view of Kobe city from Ropeway

We had a splendid View of Nunobiki Waterfall from Ropeway.

And also a view of the Nunobiki Dam from Ropeway

On reaching the Top Station, I drop down to Nunobiki Herb Gardens.

There I find museum displaying many herbal products.

Even one can buy some as souvenir of the place.

I visited the fragrance museum.
Here many kinds of scented perfume was displayed solely made from herbs of the garden.

Displayed Perfume. One can even try by own.

Not only the small area boast of museum and rose garden, the surrounding scenic beauty is also splendid.

From the Top Station the Hiking Trial to come down Starts.

First, it passes through the Herb garden until the Ropeway Mid Station.
View of Glass house from Top Station while walking down the trail.

Myself at Herb Gardens…

Walking and enjoying every of time spent in the Garden.
Beautiful snap of the Glass house while walking.

One can find many kinds of herbs and vegetable plants while passing the garden.

Herbal vegetables plant at display.
Inside the Glasshouse, there is a full garden area, museum where various homemade spices are displayed.
Many kinds of herbs are displayed in the glass house.

I would emphasis on one thing that inside this house, I would smell beautiful aromatic smell from the aroma plants in the garden.
I tried with one leaf from one plant and it was very nice fragrance from the leaf.

Enjoying Inside Glasshouse area.
Inside the house, there is a sitting area where one can sit and enjoy his own coffee and time.
There is also one café, which serves aroma tea from herbal tea plants of the garden, which I suggest one to give a try.

Balcony of the glasshouse.
Take one glass of aroma tea and just enjoy the scenic beauty from the balcony.
The complete city along with the port can be viewed from the balcony.

Walking down from the glasshouse through the herb garden to reach destination Ropeway Mid Station.

Walking down to Ropeway mid station. At Ropeway mid station the down trail of the Nunobiki Herb gardens is complete.

From there one can take the ropeway to come back to Shin Kobe or one can walking the rest of the hiking trail down the mountain.
I choose to walk because it will take me near to the Nunobiki Dam, Nunobiki Waterfall.

It takes around 20 -25 minutes to reach Dam.
One should be careful of the trail towards the dam because there is one bifurcation, which takes to different place along the mountain.
The road is bit steep downward and very less people. So I suggest one to do the hiking in daytime.

One can take map of the total area from Base station at shin Kobe. I took the help of the same and it provides detailed route.

I would suggest spending some quality time at the Dam and relishing the natural beauty around the Dam.

After watching the Dam, I started coming down following the hiking trail towards Nunobiki Waterfall.
The path takes you along a river surrounded by mountain forest.
After walking for around 30 minutes, I reach the Nunobiki waterfall.

Many tourists come here to visit this waterfall.
I learnt that there are 5 waterfalls in the Nunobiki area.
The waterfall named Nunobiki is the highest among them.

After spending some time at the waterfall (there are sitting arrangements available at the waterfall), I started walking back to Shin Kobe from Nunobiki.

On the way following the map, I came along another waterfall named Mentaki.
One may find the Mentaki waterfall first while going up in hiking trail path.

After finishing the Tour to Nunobiki Herb Garden and waterfall, my next destination that I decided upon to visit is the Harbor area of Kobe.

On reaching Shin kobe station, I took the City Loop Bus and dropped down at Motomachi Shopping Street.
I decided to walk inside the Motomachi Shopping Street towards the Port of Kobe. Although I am not interested in shopping, one can find many varied shops with products ranging from cheap to expensive.
Many tourists do shopping in streets of Sannomiya and Motomachi.
The center gai shopping street has many good restaurants, too.
I decide to take lunch (although the time was nearing evening).
I none of the restaurants along the shopping street near to Hanshin Railway Motomachi Station.
I suggest this restaurant in lunch since this restaurant have English menu and package meal menu along with takeout.

After completing lunch, I visited the Port Tower. There are many places to visit in Harborland Area. One can visit Kobe Maritime Museum, which has displays of the Kobe Port and Kawasakhi Heavy industries.

Tower Representing the Port of Kobe.
I went to visit the tower with tickets costing around 700 yen.

In the tower, one can visit the top most floor of the tower, which is the observatory floor.
From the Top floor, the view of the port and the surrounding city is just astonishing.

The tower also has a revolving Café in one of the floor.
One can try having a cup of coffee at the revolving café and having a 360 view of the port area and city.

After spending some time there, I came down and walked along the area enjoying the scenic beauty.
Many cruises start from the port terminal, which takes you around the Osaka Bay from where you have a beautiful view of the City.

View of the Ferries Wheel from the Tower side of the area.
The area have a very big ferries wheel (one can ride the ferries wheel with 800 yen), big shopping and dining space (Mosaic, in background).

View of the Port Tower and Maritime Museum from the Mosaic Side.

The area is a very bright and full of lights.
So I enjoyed the area very much.

I took one coffee and sit down of the Mosaic side for some time to enjoy the beautiful Horbourland.

Thereafter I stopped for the day and concluded my weekend Kobe City Tour. It has been fascinating to see such diversity in natural and technological beauty in Kobe City.

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