Learn about Wild Animals 2019 in Aina Satoyama Park

In Aina Satoyama Park you can see many wild animals living in this beautiful Japanese countryside. But in addition to animals which come up in old Japanese folk tales like foxes or raccoon dogs, we can also witness other animals, like boars and deers which destroy the fields or different types of raccoons threatening the local animals. You can take part in various events like and contemplate with us about the co-existence of human and wild animals in the countryside. Please book your place at Aina Satoyama Park Administration Centre directly with a telephone - 078-591-8000. The number of available spots is limited.

Event Information

Duration 08-12-19 - 01-12-20 -
Budget For details,visit the web page
How to apply あいな里山公園管理センター(TEL078-591-8000)へお電話のみの受付、先着順。
Meeting point Aina Satoyama Park
Tashiro Aina Yamada-cho Kita-ku Kobe
Access For details,visit the web page


TEL 078-591-8000
Website https://kobe-kaikyopark.jp/english