7th Sim Memorial - Mt. Maya Marathon - Looking for participants

In 1872, the race organized by the foreigners living in Kobe is said to be the first-ever long-distance race in Japan. They used to run and go back the same, having roughly 7.2 km route from their homes to the Tenjō-ji at Mt. Maya. For this occasion, in honor of one of the marathon winners and the creator of Regatta&Athlethic Club, Alexander Cameron Sim, we have started 6 years ago hosting a memorial mountain climbing marathon. We have prepared courses with various difficulty levels, so the people with different fitness experience could enjoy. Please book your entry through the homepage between August 25 (Sunday) and Septemeber 27 (Friday), with participation taken with a confirmed payment.

Event Information

Duration 12-07-19 10:00 - 14:00
Budget For details,visit the web page
How to apply 要事前申込で8月25日(日)~9月27日(金)までHPで受付、入金先着順。
Meeting point Mayasan (formerly Tenjō-ji, Kikuseidai and other)
1-5-3 Shironoshita-dori Nada-ku Kobe (START)
Access For details,visit the web page


TEL 078-843-7001
Website http://www.hashiru-do.jp/sim-memorial/