【Night Event】 Mid-autumn Evening with Sounds of Insects

Come with us to and learn about insects' voices - after listening to the story about \"Crying Insects\", we will go into the night, trying to identify, to which bugs various sounds belong. Reservations starting from August 21 with the limited number of spots. Target: Everyone above elementary-school age. The maximum number of participants: 50.

Event Information

Duration 09-21-19 17:45 - 20:15
Budget 200 yen
How to apply 8/21~ 先着順申込み受付開始。
Meeting point Aina Satoyama Park
Tashiro Aina Yamada-cho Kita-ku Kobe
Access For details,visit the web page


TEL 078-591-8000
Website https://kobe-kaikyopark.jp/english