Kobe Animal Kingdom - Debut of "Boat-billed heron"!

The boat-billed heron, colloquially known as the boatbill, has finally debuted in the Kobe Animal Kingdom this year on April 26! In Japan, you will find them only in three zoos, making him the only species representative visible in Kansai. This bird is known pretty well for not moving that much, resembling shoebill, which could be called his \"an older brother\". You will find it in the \"Tropical Forest\" zone. We are presenting him by letting him loose inside of his area where he is kept, so while you will be visiting his home, do not forget to look around!

Event Information

Duration 04-26-19 - 06-30-19 -
Budget Adult (junior high school student and older) 1,800 yen Elementary school student 1,000 yen Preschool child (ages 4 and 5) 300 yen Senior pass (65 years or older) 1,300 yen
How to apply 事前の申込不要
Meeting point Kobe Animal Kingdom
7-1-9 Minatojima minami machi, chuo-ku, kobe
Access For details,visit the web page


TEL 078-302-8899
Website https://en.kobe-oukoku.com/