Special Exhibition "Jotokai: Showa Period Painters Recapture Their Youth"

\"Jyotokai\" organization has been formed by the 1927 graduates, who have been known as \"the most talented people\" since the beginning of Tokyo Art School, with the name of this group coming from Ueno no Mori, where the art school was built. During this exhibition, which will be held as a form of \"college reunion\" of painters, we are going to present to you works of many famous painters - including honored by the museum Ryōhei Koiso, Shirō Kobori who worked for the continuation and development of the \"Jyotokai\", as well as Takanori Ogisu, Kenzo Okada, Genichiro Inokuma, and other also local artists, who post-graduation have worked hard creating art and trained many younger students. Through their works and materials, we are going to trace the trails of Western painters who survived through difficult times that began in the Showa era up to the postwar period and the Heisei era as well.

Event Information

Duration 10-03-20 - 12-13-20 10:00 - 17:00
Budget Adults 800 yen University students 400 yen
How to apply 事前の申込不要
Meeting point Kobe Shiritsu Koiso Memorial Museum
5-7 Koyochonaka Higashinada-ku Kobe
Access For details,visit the web page