Strawberry Picking - Season Start

Ready for strawberry picking? Starting on March 20 on Friday (Holidays) in the farmlands in Kitaku (Niro-chiku, Ozo-chiku, Nagao-chiku, Kamiogo-chiku). Please book your place by contacting the desired farmland. Depending on farmland, the event's content might be different so before visiting please check with the farmland beforehand. Come and eat a lot of deliciously sweet strawberries with your family, friends and beloved one.From the beginning of May also opening Saita Farmland (Farmland 3).

Event Information

Duration 03-20-20 - 06-07-20 -
Budget For details,visit the web page
How to apply 完全予約制になっております。詳細情報は農園別ご案内にてご確認くださいませ。
Meeting point 北区(二郎地区・大沢地区・長尾地区・上淡河地区)西区(細田地区)いちご狩り農園
Kita-ku Kobe
Access For details,visit the web page


TEL 078-961-2650