Deities enshrined in Hiruko Shrine are Hiruko-no-Okami (Ebisusama) and Omononushi-no-Okami (Daikokusama). The primary enshrined deity Hiruko-no-Okami is the same enshrined deity as Nishinomiya Shrine, who is famous for a deity of fishing, maritime safety, and among all flourishing business, and familiar to and very popular among the general public. It is also affectionately known as 'Yanagihara no Ebessan (Ebessan of Yanagihara).' Many worshippers visit the 'Toka Ebisu festival,' which is held from January 9 through 11 every year.
  • 9:00 - 17:00
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  • 5-20 Nishiyanagiwara-cho Hyogo-ku Kobe


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