This open cafe is located in the outer corridor of the Daimaru’s Kobe Store, a blend of classic and modern design. Soak up the atmosphere of the Old Foreign Settlement while relaxing at Caffera, reminiscent of a Milano bar.<br /> Their cappuccinos are a perfect balance of slightly bitter coffee and sweet foamed milk. The barista guarantees the flavor and will adjust the balance of milk and coffee in your cappuccino to order. The staff do their best to ensure you enjoy a relaxing break at their cafe. <br /> The flavored cappuccinos made with vanilla or caramel syrup are also popular.
  • 9:45-21:00
  • Same as Daimaru Kobe Store's holidays
  • Kobe, Chuo-ku, Akashi-machi 40, Daimaru Kobe Store 1F


Tel 078-392-7227