Tainohata Yakuyoke Hachimangu is friendly called as \"Yakujin-san\"in Tainohata by locals, which is said as the oldest sacred place in Japan to ward off the bad luck. When there was an epidemic in June, 770, the god of pestilence was enshrined in 10 places at the boders of five regions (Yamato, Yamachiro, Kawachi, Settsu, Izumi) to end this epidemic. Tainohata Yakuyoke Hachimangu was located in the border of Settsu and Harima; thereofore, the god of pestilence was enshrined here as well. This shrine is believed to be the one where Ariwara no Yukihira prayed at when exiled to Suma, Kobe city and also Minamoto no Yoshitsune prayed at in the battle of Ichinotani.
  • 1 Miyawaki aza Tainohata Suma-ku, Kobe


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