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Wada Misaki Battery Tour
13 September ※Make a reservation,three days earlier.

Motomachi Shopping District 1 Wednesday Market
19 September (The third Saturday of every month)

Kobe Science Museum Stargazing
24 September ※once or twice a month

Hyogo Prefectural Kokan: Guesthouse areas open to the general public
Every saturday(closed the year-end and New Year)

Thatch-Roofed House "Uchidake-Jūtaku" Open to the Public
18,19,25,26 August

Cozumel in the old Futaba Shōgakkō
26 August

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge World
Bridge World is held on Thursdays through Sundays and holidays from April to November.

Weathercock House Butler tour
26 August

18,25 August / 1,8,15 September

Baby, Mama and Papa Planetarium
On 4th Saturday every month.

Inside of the "Former Hunter's residence," a national important cultural property, will be open to the public.
June,July,September,November,December,March Saturday Sunday Holiday / 1-30 October / 23-31 March

Opening of "The Hassam House," an important cultural asset.
25,26 August / 9 September

Mr. Rokko Hiking Mystery Solving Game, Tokigami 2018 - Legend from the past -
27 April - 2 September

Ehagaki Museum "Cat Ukiyoe"
26 April - 27 December

The 150th Anniversary of Hyogo Prefecture Project: Yokoo Tadanori “Portraits of Artists”
26 May - 26 August

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