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The Former Kinoshita Family Residence, Tea House, and Pine Hermitage
10 November

"Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution": Day of Free Entry
17 October

Hyogo Prefectural Kokan: Guesthouse areas open to the general public
Every saturday(closed the year-end and New Year)

Thatch-Roofed House "Uchidake-Jūtaku" Open to the Public
20,27 October / 3,10 November

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge World
Bridge World is held on Thursdays through Sundays and holidays from April to November.

Weathercock House Butler tour
25 November

FARMERS MARKET 2018 Autumn / Winter
20,27 October / 3 November

Baby, Mama and Papa Planetarium
On 4th Saturday every month.

Inside of the "Former Hunter's residence," a national important cultural property, will be open to the public.
June,July,September,November,December,March Saturday Sunday Holiday / 1-30 October / 23-31 March

Opening of "The Hassam House," an important cultural asset.
20 October - 25 November

Ehagaki Museum "Cat Ukiyoe"
26 April - 27 December

[3 Grand Tours of Kazamidori no Yakata] Art & Photo Tour
28 October

Urban Picnic
25 May - 4 November *Weekend holding on Friday.Mondays also hold one in case of a holiday.

Marugo Asia Alley Night Food Stalls
19 October *The event will be held on the third Friday of each month until October.

Rose Pathway Rose Walk
Autumn:8 September - 4 November

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