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Ehagaki Museum "Cat Ukiyoe"


Cat Ukiyoe has been personalized, adapted in Kabuki performances and as a scary transforming monster, and has come to represent a variety of elements from human life. You will also find a cute cat wearing a red ribbon. Enjoy the beloved Ukiyoe images of cats, considered to possess mysterious powers and bring fortune, at the Ehagaki Museum. In addition, rare pieces, such as “Sen Ami no Zu” by Hiroshige and “Matsukaze” by Utamaro, will be on display.

Date 26 April - 27 December
VenuePostcard Museum
Location1-7-20 Utashikiyama Tarumi-ku Kobe
FeeAdult(over high school student):300 yen Child(Elementary and Junior high school student):200 yen
Last update23rd April 2018
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