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KOBE Morning Yoga on the Sea


The popular Morning Yoga on the Sea is back again this year! During Kobe fashion week, yoga classes will be held on a boat. Doing yoga in the fresh morning air will help you relax, and the rocking of the boat will help you strengthen your body! You'll never have the chance to practice morning yoga on a docked ship; this is your chance! Would you like to experience the unique yoga style only available in the port city Kobe? Come, do yoga, sweat, and then enjoy breakfast made by the chef on board to satisfy your apetite! *Registration required, maximum 40 participants and minimum 20 participants required. Refer to our website for details.

Date 8 October
【Acceptance】8:00~ 【Yoga】8:30~9:30 【breakfast,leave the ship】9:40~10:30
VenueKobe Concerto
Location1-6-1 HigashiKawasaki-cho Chuo-ku Kobe
Fee【Breakfast Included】3,500円(include boarding embarkation,lesson,breakfast,tax)
【Breakfast: Not included】2,000円(include boarding embarkation,lesson,tax)
Last update25th July 2018

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