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21th Mid-Autumn Festival

Area:Nankin-machi (China Town)

The Mid-Autumn Festival hold on 15 August in the lunar calendar, is a carnival celebrating autumn's crops and worshipping the gods of agriculture. This year's mid-autumn day will be on September 24, Monday and this season's full-moon was the most beautiful and clearly seen moon in the year. China has a long tradition of the families gathering during the Mid-Autumn Festival around the like round table and enjoy together meals using looking like full-moon tablewares. Also the festival's season features a special "moon-cake", which everyone send to their close friends - very important custom during the festival. In Nankin-machi the festival is celebrated very lively and with full of various entertainment - you will find many places selling the moon-cakes, huge garapon lottery wheels, where you can win various vouchers, also "cai ching lion dances", with the lion running from shop to shop for monetary gifts.

Date 22-24 September
Depending on the event
Location1 Sakaemachi-dori Chuo-ku Kobe
FeeFree entry
Last update23rd August 2018
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