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Kobe Movie Excavation Festival 2018

Area:Hyogo / Nagata

At Kobe Planet Film Archive, museum that archives over 17,000 films plenty of posters, machinery and materials as well organizes many interesting events, this time will hold Kobe Movie Excavation Festival 2018. What "Movie Excavation" may mean? Planet Film Archive's storage, home's closets and warehouses, shops with old goods - these are indeed the places, where various movies may be hidden somewhere. During the festival we are going to "excavate" these movies, by noticing their existence in the first place, watch and then rediscover their value by analyzing them from various aspects.

Date 20,21 / 26-28 October
Depending on the movie
VenueMain Hall: Kobe Planet Film Archive, Special Exhibition Hall: ArtTheater dB Kobe
Location5-5-1 Udezuka-cho Nagata-ku Kobe
FeeAdult 1,200 yen Student 700 yen
Last update26th September 2018
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