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In the Search of Sweets from Higashi-Nada

Area:Nada / Higashi Nada

Full of sweets Higashi-Nada in Kobe. In this full of the competition area, you will discover 48 different shops with their perfected treats - additionally, during the event using a special bus for the transportation. Also if you show 2DAYS Free Pass in the store, you will get a special present. Don't forget to collect the stamps - you may win something great! Come to the City of Sweets in Higashi-Nada in Kobe to enjoy the delicious pastries!

Date 20 October - 25 November *Sweets Bus: Sat. Sun & Public Holidays and 11/2
Depending on the shop.
VenueCity of Sweets, 48 shops in Kobe Higashi-Nada
LocationHigashiNada-ku Kobe
Fee2Day bus fare - Adult: 250 yen, Children under 12 & Senior citizens over 70: 150 yen
Last update9th October 2018
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