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Kobe Otachiyori(Swingby) Project


It is definitely worth walking around the shopping districts and markets - especially that 20 of them is a certified as a perfect place for "Kobe Otachiyori" literally means SwingBy in English. During the stamp rally, by doing shopping at the "Otachiyori Certified" places, you will receive a one stamp in your stamp note. Enter the shops and restaurants which will grab your attention and pick your favorite one to increase its a chance of winning the "Kobe Otachiyori Prize" Also depending on the gathered number of the original stamps from every shop, your "Otachiyo-list" rank will go up and with it, we will hand out you a "Otachiyo-list Certificate".

Date 16 November - 28 February
Depending on the shop
VenueExceeding more than 240 shopping districts and markets in Kobe
Location8 Kumoi-dori Chuo-ku Kobe
FeeFree entry
Last update20th December 2018
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