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Capybara Spa

Area:Port Island

At Kobe Animal Kingdom, inhabitants can spend the winter without worrying much about the cold, but even so, especially for Capybaras, which is an animal living in the tropical wetlands, it is still way too cold. Since we want them to get through the winter in a good health, this year too we will prepare for them a spa in a form of a hot bath. This winter's capybaras spending their time in opulence like aristocratic ladies will be extremely photogenic, with colorful flowers hanging from overhead and also this year flower petals floating on the surface of the water not only during weekends but also on weekdays. Pure luxury. Come and get some of the resort mood for yourself by watching the Capybara Spa. The world's most beautiful capybaras - right here at the Animal Kingdom...

Date 23 November - 27 February *Fri. Sat. Sun. Holiday. and 29 December - 6 January
VenueKobe Animal Kingdom
Location7-1-9 ManatojimaMinamimachi Chuo-ku Kobe
FeeAdult 1,800 yen Chilgren 1,000 yen 4,5 years old 300 yen, Over 65 years old 1,00 yen
Last update28th January 2019

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1-17 February

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