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Nekoichi Nekoza


By the cat-lovers, for the cats, where you can rescue cats while having fun - a cat festival, Cat Market Cat Seat. With a theme "Rescuing cats while having fun", at the cat shopping district "Cat Market", you will find plenty of the cat-themed, handmade products, as well toys, food and other goods. "Cat Seat" on the other hand will offer you cat movies, cat dances, cat rock, cat jazz, cat theatre, cat musical, seminars, talk shows. The event is also a great chance to get more knowledge about the shelter cats and taking in activites. Through the event we want to gather the money and donations to use them later for the animal welfare.

Date 23,24 February
23 February 11:00~18:00 24 February 11:00~17:00
VenueDesign and Creative Center Kobe (KIITO)
Location1-4 Onohama-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe
FeeAdvanced Ticket 1,000 yen Door Ticket 1,500 yen
Last update26th November 2018

Nekoichi Nekoza
23,24 February

FARMERS MARKET 2018 Autumn / Winter
23 February / 2,9,16,23 March

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