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2nd OCEAN DISCOTIQUE ~From Disco Generation? Or maybe don't dance at all? It's the Entertaining Night Everyone~

Area:Meriken Park

Kiss FM KOBE and Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel will hold together 2nd edition of the OCEAN DISCOTIQUE! First edition held during the past summer was a great success and we are going to make the second one even more entertaining. We will greet our main DJ, DJ SALLY and the guest DJ, Tarzan Yamashita and give you an opportunity to spend the Valentine disco party and feel Kobe's real atmosphere.

Date 3 February
VenueKobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel, 4F Banquet Hall "Zuiten"
Location5-6 Hatoba-cho Chuo-ku Kobe
FeeAdvanced Ticket 5,000 yen Door Ticket 6,000 yen
Last update30th November 2018

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