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Area:Kyu-kyoryuchi (Old Foreign Settlement)

At the "Kobe Pearl City" symbol, Kobe Pearl Hall and Kobe Pearl Museum, pearl professionals are going to present us those fascinating gemstones in their real form and tell us about their true charm. Additionally, inside the Kobe Pearl Museum we are going to exhibit a "Pearl Christmas Tree" and do an exhibition of various ornaments decorated with a real pearls. If you ever wanted to learn more about pearls, our event is a perfect chance for that! Also if you are interested, during the hands-on experience event, there will be an opportunity to craft various accessories made from the pearls taken from the clams, try your chances in pearls' color distinction game or join value "Pride Pearls" auction. For those who want to learn more, at the Registered Tangible Cultural Property - Kobe Pearl Hall - we are going to do a special construction tour.

Date 7-16 December
VenueKobe Pearl Museum
Location122 Higashimachi Chuo-ku Kobe
FeeFree entry
Last update13th December 2018

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7-16 December

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