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From December 22 (Saturday) Kobe Subway will tie-up of with the organisators of the "Heisei Kamen Rider - Twenty Anniversary Movies, Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER", available to see at OS Cinemas Kobe Harborland and other movie theatres. Walk around six different subway stations and find all the "keywords" to get a chance of winning fantastic presents. Also featuring the chance of meeting with three to four Heisei Kamen Riders and anticipation for which Kamen Rider on which station will show up is also a part of the fun! Go and find your favorite Kamen Rider!

Date 15 December - 31 January
The business hours
VenueAlong Kobe Municipal Subway (Goal: City Bus and Subway Service Corner)
Location1 kitanagasa-dori Chuo-ku Kobe
FeeFree entry
Last update18th December 2018
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