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1.17 Light of Hope, Bead Crafting Experience

Area:Kyu-kyoryuchi (Old Foreign Settlement)

With an upcoming 24th anniversary of the Great Hanshin Earthquake on January 17, we are going to receive the light of "1.17 Light of Hope", which is the memorial for victims who died in Kobe East Park and use this fire to burn beads during the hands-on experience crafting event. As a glass art museum that continues that long-established lampworks tradition, through this event we want to introduce visitors to the meaning of this fire and send our prayers to those who have lost their lives during the cataclysm. For every piece of bead we will donate 100 yen to NPO Great Hanshin Earthquake Organization "1.17 Light of Hope" (HANDS). ※The event is targeted towards everyone above third year of elementary school age

Date 12-31 January
VenueKōbe Lampwork Glass Museum
Location79 Kyomachi Chuo-ku Kobe
Feeone piece:1,250 yen two pieces:2,100 yen
Last update10th January 2019
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