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Celebration of Receiving GI by Nada Gogo - Nada's Finest "Beppin" Sake Festival

Area:Nada / Higashi Nada

Come and taste the famous across the world, finest "beppin" Nada Sake from Kobe! Nada blessed with excellent quality rice, clean water and skillful brew masters still using traditional, passed from generation to generation local brewery techniques is able to bring one of the best sake tastes in Japan. As a unique Japanese sake it even officially gained geographical indication! It is a unique chance to try Nada Gogo from different breweries for just 500 yen per 5 cups, also while enjoying Japanese snacks from booths. In case if you would like to buy sake just for yourself, Nada sake selling corner will be right there. First one hundred visitors will receive a fresh sake from newly opened sake barrel (kagamibiraki), so we advise to hurry.

Date 15,16 February
2/15 17:00~21:00 2/16 13:00~17:00
VenueMikage Classe, the open area on the first floor
Location3-2-1 Mikagenakamachi HigashiNada-ku Kobe
Fee5 cups of sake, 500 yen
Last update31st January 2019
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