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Suma Aqualife Park


Suma Aqualife Park has been loved by people in Kobe since its opening in 1957. It’s filled with many fun sights such as, "Dolphin Live Pavilion" where bottlenose dolphins show their amazing tricks, "the Main Water Tank” where sharks and stingrays swim graciously, as well as "The Amazon World" where pirarucu, the largest freshwater fish in the world, can be seen. There are many attractions that both children and adults can enjoy such as "feeding sea otters" explained how they eat. Also, many interaction programs such as “Touch the Dolphin” and “Touch the Earless Seal” are available for a limited number of people with fees.

Location1-3-5 Wakamiya-cho Suma-ku Kobe
Business hours9:00-17:00 *Extend the hour during Golden week and summer vacation period
ClosedMar – Nov: Open everyday
Dec- Feb: Wednesdays* *Open if a holiday falls on Mon. and during New Year’s holiday period.

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