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Kobe Sannomiya Union Hotel


Kobe Sannomiya Union Hotel is located only a 10 minute walk from any of the train lines at Sannomiya Station. With the convenient location, the rooms are comfortable soft coloured Southern European style. All rooms are provided with natural mineral water from Mt. Rokko out of the taps. It is tasty to drink and also gentle and rejuvenating for your skin. Come and relax at our guest lounge "Canon".

LocationKobe Chuo-ku Gokou-dori 2-1-10
AccessApprox. 10-minute walk from Sannomiya Station. (JR/Hankyu/Hanshin/Subway Lines)
Near station
  • 7-minute walk from Kobeshikotsukyoku Kobe City Subway Kaigan Line Sannomiyahanadokei-mae Exit 3
  • 8-minute walk from Hanshindenki Tetsudo Hanshin Main Line Kobe-sannomiya(Hanshin Line) East Exit(South)
  • 9-minute walk from Kobeshinkotsu Kobeshinkotsu Port Island Line Boeki Center Exit 2
  • 11-minute walk from JR Nishinihon JR Tokaido Main Line(Maibara-Kobe) Sannomiya(Hyogo) East Exit
  • 11-minute walk from Kobeshinkotsu Kobeshinkotsu Port Island Line Sannomiya(Kobe-Shin-Kotsu Line)

Last updated:March 6, 2017

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