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Yuge Farm Cheese House Yarugoi

Area:Mt. Rokko / Mt. Maya

Yuge Farm a 20-minute drive beyond Mt Rokko from Kobe’s urban area specializes in cheese making. The farm has a cattle shed, a cheese factory, a sweets factory, a restaurant, a herb garden, open fields and a pasture where 60 heads of cattle graze freely day and night. Relax and enjoy original dishes and sweets made from herbs and handmade cheeses at the restaurant, Cheese House. (Note: This is not a sightseeing farm, so please refrain from bring food and drink onto the premises.)

LocationKobe Kita-ku Yamadacho Shimotanigamo Nishimaruyama 5-2
Business hours11.00-17.00
Winter (January-February): 11.00-17.00 (Dessert served from 16.00)
ClosedWednesdays (January-February: Tuesdays & Wednesdays)

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