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Kouki Shoko

Area:Nankin-machi (China Town)

Kouki Shoko is a general shop selling Chinese groceries and seasonings. The Chinese versatile soup, Weipa, the spicy seasoning, Rapa, moon cakes, Chinese sweets, dried fruits, and a wide variety of tea line the shelves on the 1st floor. The basement not only holds more Chinese groceries and seasonings, but also seasonings from all over Asia.
Kouki Shoko stocks many refrigerated and frozen foods, too. Many professional chefs shop here for the wide selection of products hard to find in Japan. The aroma inside the shop makes you feel as if you were in China.

LocationKobe Chuo-ku Motomachidori 1-1-4
Business hours10.00-19.30 (Saturdays, Sundays, Public holidays until 20.00)
ClosedOpen year-round

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