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Barneys New York Kobe Store

Area:Kyu-kyoryuchi (Old Foreign Settlement)

The first Barney Pressman store, as it was known then, opened on the corner of the Seventh Avenue and West 17th Street in 1923. The Kobe store, the fourth in Japan, opened in March 2010.
The Barneys New York range is comparable to department stores, mainly stocking menswear, womenswear, accessories and shoes, and also tableware and stationery. Each product they stock is specially selected to fit “Barney’s taste.” Barneys New York is the world’s leading specialty store that stands apart from Japanese department stores.
Their products, service and displays are unique, emphasizing luxury with a humorous twist, typically Barney’s New York.

Barneys New York’s range includes their own original designer brand items, and European, American and Japanese designer brand items, but approximately 70% of their products are directly imported from Italy.
The high-class, polished, unique atmosphere their stores, displays, customer service, advertisements, and products together produce ensure customers have a relaxing, fresh shopping experience they will never find elsewhere. Barney New York are stores where both men and women can enjoy shopping together.
Barneys New York welcomes customers with the same, warm, refined hospitality with which you would invite friends into your home.

LocationKobe, Chuo-ku, 25banchi Kyomachi, 25bankan Kobe Kyu-kyoryuchi
Access6 minutes' walk from JR Kobe Line Motomachi Stn 4 minutes' walk from Subway Kaigan Line Kyu-kyoryuchi/Daimaru-mae Stn
Near station
  • 5-minute walk from Kobeshikotsukyoku Kobe City Subway Kaigan Line Kyukyoryuchidaimaru-mae Exit 1
  • 7-minute walk from Kobeshikotsukyoku Kobe City Subway Kaigan Line Sannomiyahanadokei-mae Sannomiya Bldg. Exit
  • 8-minute walk from Hanshindenki Tetsudo Hanshin Main Line Motomachi(Hanshin Line) East Exit
  • 8-minute walk from Kobekosoku Tetsudo Kobekosoku Railway(Motomachi-Kosokukobe) Motomachi(Hanshin Line) East Exit
  • 8-minute walk from JR Nishinihon JR Tokaido Main Line(Maibara-Kobe) Motomachi(Tokaido Line) East Exit
Business hours11:00~20:00

Last updated:November 11, 2016

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