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Japan Pearl Center located on Higashi-machi suji in the area of former foreign settlement is considered as a mekka of pearl processing which is a local industry of Kobe.
Not long after the war, it was built in November, 1952. It was owned by prefecture at that time; however, the owner has been switched to Kobe Pearl Exporters Association since 1980. Even now, its building still remains the same. The office is located on the first floor, pearl quality control room on the second floor, auction hall on the forth floor. The lobby of first floor is open to the public, and you can learn history of pearl etc.
Japan Pearl Center went through Great Hanshin Awasji earthquake occured in 1995, and any there were not big damages on the building since the base structure of building was solidly made.
Reinforced concrete structure building has 4 stories with a basement, and it was built by Takenaka Cooperation and designed by Yoshimitsu Mitsuyasu.

*Kobe Pearl Museum* The shape of pearl is thought to be "circle."However, circled pearl has been distributed after a technology of pearl farming developed in Japan over 100 years ago. Kobe Pearl Museum introduces the types of pearl and how it is formed.

Location122 Higashi-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe 6500031
Business hours10:00~17:00
ClosedSaturdays, Sundays and Public holidays

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