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Kanetetsu Delica Foods Tecchan kōbō

Area:Rokko Island

A workshop facility, where you can experience making handmade fish cakes, Chikuwa and Kamaboko, has opened in April, 2012 by Kanetetsu Delica Foods Inc. in Rokko island in Higashinada ward in Kobe city. This facility has not only an experience facility for making surimi products (Chikuwa/ Kamaboko) using fish paste but also an unique souvenir shop offering some goods of company's character named "Tecchan" and the freshly made deep-fried surimi products that you can only enjoy here. The maximum number of people participating the experience at a time is 48 people. Three experience courses are offered each day.
*Even oversea visitors can join this experience if they are accompanied by an interpreter.

Location5-8 Koyo-cho nishi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe
Business hours9:30~16:30
ClosedClosed irregularly

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