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Half Day Course

Waterfront area features Kawasaki Museum and other iconic attractions.

Learn about preciousness of life and importance of close-ties within a local community.
Kobe has various monuments and facilities that help remember damages caused by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of January 17, 1995. HAT Kobe is home to The Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institute and the facility helps future generations share experiences and lessons learnt from the earthquake.

By sharing experiences and lessons learnt from the massive Hanshin Awaji Earthquake, the center has been committed to research on disaster reduction. The center is open to everyone and provides "1.17 earthquake experience theater" on th 4th floor where you can experience simulated tremors at the level of those that caused the earthquake. The east wing on the 3rd floor displays visual materials and explains flooding-storm-related crisis and efforts by the locals and international organinzations.

Walking around the waterfront area allows you to enjoy cozy sea breeze and unique monuments in the Memorial Park. The landmark Kobe Port Tower and Kawasaki Good Times World & Maritime Museum are must-visit destinations. Other unique attractions include cruise tours that travel from Meriken Park, the Port of Kobe to Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.

The maritime museum highlights diverse exhibits, varying from the history of the Kobe port, a bountiful ship model collection. Kawasakie Good Times World museum traces back the 100-year history of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group in Kobe and its products. The exihibits at the Kawasaki museum are enjoyable to all generations. "0-series" Shinkasen model, motor cycling, jet sking, and a life-size helicopter are examples that you can touch and experience what it feels like to ride. Experience and learn from the ‘brilliance of technology’ and the ‘spirit of craftsmanship’ at this fun museum.

This high tower features awe-inspiring night views of Kobe. The all-time landmark tower highlights a unique "rotating" café that allows visitors to enjoy 360 degree pictures of Kobe. Fiber optic starfield ceiling on the 5th floor is also enjoyable.

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