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Kobe Illuminage


Discover the this year upgraded, the first in Japan, circle illumination labyrinth! Like every year, we will hold the largest illumination event in Kansai - "Kobe Illuminage" - and you can expect the scale similar to the previous year, with the world surrounded by the lighting walls that looks like from a different reality. Come with your family and friends and enjoy the uncertainty of the labyrinth while looking for the goal!

Date 3 November - 11 February
【Opening hour】17:00~22:00【Light up time】17:30~21:30
VenueRoadside Station Kobe Fruit Flower Park Oozo
Location2150 Kamioozo Oozo-cho Kita-ku Kobe
FeeAdult 1,200. Primary school and younger 600, under 3 yrs old free.
Last update20th December 2018
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